Our Process

Conceptual Design

We will invest as much time as it takes, in the convenience of your own home, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the layout first. On our very first visit, we will acquire a taste of you and your home’s personality. Once we fully measure your space and have the precise dimensioning and CAD drawing in hand, we will begin the preliminary design process with you, reflecting your wants and needs and be able to help you look at all possibilities. Once we together, have defined the perfect Layout of your basement, Bella Basements will provide you with an accurate estimate, along with a 3-D birds-eye view of your new space and a Single-Line Layout with suggested electrical, plumbing and HVAC design.

Final Design & Contract

In order to begin the final design phase, Bella Basements will enter into a Design Agreement with you which allows our team of designers (and decorators if you wish), to put all of the finishing touches on the Plan. We will prepare a Virtual Walk- Through so that you can see exactly what your new space will look like. Full blueprints will include specifications, elevations, reflective ceiling plans, cabinet/custom details, texture/trim/finish details, and everything that is needed to construct your new space. Our Final Contract will contain your final pricing, payment schedule, and timeline of your Project.

Build & Finish

Safety and Cleanliness

We recognize just how stressful having a construction project in your home can be. We work hard to minimize as much disruption as possible. As well, your home’s security and cleanliness are important to us. So we take extra steps to respect your privacy, safety and lifestyle. We will be installing locking doors between the basement and your main living area. We will install dust control systems, to minimize the impact on your family and home, and the site will be cleaned daily. All construction debris will be removed timely, so that you can safely and comfortably visit your basement and watch the daily progress!

Construction Materials and Workmanship

We take care of every detail! We hand-select only premium building materials to ensure the highest of quality and seamless construction. Our framing is all wood, 16’ on center to ensure structural integrity. Our HVAC systems are mechanically engineered, and our electrical and plumbing contractors are the best in the business and consistently exceed industry standards. If your Plan includes extra amenities, like aquatic features or entertainment theaters, we only utilize premier specialty services and materials to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Clean & Completion

It’s important to us that we remove all construction impact from your life once the project is complete. We offer a duct-cleaning and a full professional house cleaning to remove any dust that might have crept into your HVAC systems. We also provide a full 1-Year Warranty on all of the workmanship of your new space. Additionally, if you appreciate the services we have provided and refer us to your neighbors and friends, we offer a 1% Referral Fee payable directly to you. We feel confident in our work, and look forward to delivering to you an exquisite Bella Basement.