Craftsmanship & Meticulous Attention to Detail

To provide you with the best quality of service, from Concept to Completion, we have a team of premier Artisans working on your home during every phase.

We hand-select our tradesman to meet our very high standards of excellence. The Bella Basement standard exceeds industry standards!

Our attention to detail starts on the very first visit.

We invest an extraordinary amount of effort in the earliest stages, so that the build process is efficient, accurate, and smooth, which eliminates surprises. Starting with our first visit, we will obtain accurate dimensions and scaled-footprints which allow for unprecedented accuracy and precision from conceptual design, pricing, and construction efficiency.

We have Interior Decorating services available upon request.

Artisan /def ar·ti·san (n) Skilled Craftsman who through experience and passion reach the expressive level of Artist…